A new Campaign. Yes, that does mean I have actually gone through the effort of writing a scenario rather than coming up with everything on the fly.

It will contain roughly 12 chapters. Each one will be given a title and explained in each post. They are not necessarily all chapters, some will be info things.

*The Wolf Is Loose

Legend has it only werewolves know the true location of Blood Mountain. The base of Blood Mountain is said to have a large werewolf den hidden in it. Many types of werewolves are said to live there together. It is not clear whether or not they have a leader.
p. Hunt some werewolves down and interrogate them, or investigate reports of werewolves to start the campaign, basically.

*Crystal Skull

The reason Blood Mountain is so sought after by the powerful and treasure hunters is because it supposedly holds the Crystal Skull.
p. The Crystal Skull is supposed to bestow power upon those exposed to its power. Some say it allows users to take the next step in evolution. With such a description, it has become wildly sought after by warriors hoping to increase their power.

*Sleeping Giant

A giant, also rumored to be a master craftsman and blacksmith, is said to live upon the mountain. Legend has it he is the one that carved the paths that crisscross the mountain and lead to its summit.
p. The giant will supposedly make a weapon for anyone that can complete a request for him. Reports of what exactly that is vary.

*Capillarian Crest

Rivers run down the mountain. While there is an area of the summit covered in ice, this liquid is supposedly an iridescent red.
p. Legend also says the river has hallucinogenic effects on those interacting with it. Stranger reports indicate some of these rivers run up the mountain.

*Circle Of Cysquatch

Rumor has it a one-eyed sasquatch lives upon the mountain. Stranger still, some say it can see into the future. Even better takes of the legend have it living in an Ivory fortress.
p. Other acoounts have many of these creatures living there, or even having demonic guards. Friendlier tales give the Cysquatch a friendly demeanor, telling the prophecy of those that come to it.


Many have attempted to find Blood Mountain. Few have ever found it, fewer still return. Are the lost ones dead, or did they choose to stay upon the mountain?
p. In any case, isn’t the rule, if you’ve found it, someone else probably already has?

*Colony Of Birchmen

Legend states Birchmen are tree people that row abnormally fast. They are also said to form colonies, and that these colonies are actually giant trees.
p. From what has been said, these Birchman colonies form giant trees, moving around the mountain.

*Hunters Of The Sky

Flying creatures are said to inhabit the higher regions of Blood Mountain. Whether or not they are sentient has been disputed, but it has not been disputed they are vicious hunter-killers.

*Hand Of Stone

Supposedly, a man with a stone hand lives upon the mountain. More intriguing spins on the tale give him a fist of gold and the power to turns which he touches into stone as well.

*This Mortal Soil

A large clearing is said to lie at the base of the summit. Supposedly, this clearing is the resting ground of all those who died valiantly upon the mountain. Here, no monsters are said to live, at least none hostile to those that arrive. Stranger still, who buried the bodies?

*Siberian Divide

A massive patch of ice suspiciously encircles the summit. Legend holds this to be the realm of Blood Mountain’s Avatar. Most certainly the final conquest of anyone traversing to Blood Mountain’s summit.
p. Few reliable accounts exist that include this section of the mountain in their stories. But, there is no denying it is a hellish ice wasteland, deadly to all who attempt it.
p. Unfortunately, even the stories that can be believed to be true vary greatly. There are some common elements, but most stories are different in some aspect.

*Pendulous Skin

All legends that contain accounts of the summit are just that, legends. No reliable adventurers or storytellers can give an account of the summit of Blood Mountain.
p. And just what exactly does the Crystal Skull do? Since it has been rumored to cause “the next step in evolution” it might be assumed it would cause marked changes in the user.
p. All adventurers that return do not tell of the summit, perhaps because they never made it there. But, stories tell of the end of the ice, and the summit within view…